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Why Choose Karchem Consulting?


We're scientists! Every employee at Karchem Consulting has a background in science, both academically and with practical experience in the lab. We understand the needs of scientists because we are scientists.


We're selective. There are a lot of biotech companies in need of new informatics systems and support. We've worked across the range from nano-startups to companies listed on the Fortune 500. Ultimately we choose to focus on small biotech companies and startups where we can have the greatest impact. And so you can leverage your teams' resources and time more efficiently. 


We're obsessed. Informatics systems should never hinder a scientists' work. Too often a system is put in place that is a mismatch for the needs and workflow of the end users. The result of this mismatch are workflows that take longer than the experiment it supports and a team who dreads logging in to record their data. We strive to make the informatics systems be the best fit for the current and future needs.


We listen. Scientists know what they need software to do, but don't always know how to articulate that. Similarly IT/digital departments have their own set of needs around budget, existing infrastructure and support. We listen to and consider both sets of needs, ask questions to prompt for details, perform lab walk-throughs when possible to see the work in action, and interpret those needs to ensure the best solution. 


We're adaptable. Whether you are are implementing systems for discovery, R&D or quality control under cGMP, we have you covered. We have experience working with systems across all phases of discovery and development and want to make sure your system is the right fit for the job, both now and with an eye to the future. 

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