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About Karchem Consulting

Our Founding and Mission

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After observing first-hand the struggles many small, growth-oriented biotech companies were facing when initially implementing and upgrading the data systems that serve their laboratories, Talia Karchem decided it was time to step out of the larger agencies and focus on those who can be better served by an independent consultancy.

As the needs of the industry continued to grow, so did the Karchem Consulting team. Talia and her team have a passion for helping a range of small, but growing, biotech companies. Whether it is a new-to-the-world company first starting up their lab, or an established laboratory looking to migrate from paper-based systems, or pilot software, the Karchem Consulting team loves to help implement and effectively leverage the latest and greatest in electronic workflows.


The Karchem Consulting team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise working across a myriad of laboratory software systems, and phase-appropriate, regulatory environments. Taking combined experience as practicing laboratory scientists, IT specialists and laboratory software experts, Talia, and her team, are able to provide smaller companies the technical expertise they need, and the focus and attention they often cannot receive, or often afford. 

Who We Serve

While we work with clients of all size, our focus is helping small teams and companies find and implement the proper software solutions to take them into the next phase of their journey. And while we are happy to call the greater Boston area "home", we work with clients all across the United States.

Meet The Team


Talia Karchem

Founder & Principal

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Xandria Amash


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Amanda Kailher


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Angel Kleiman


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Neha Kumari



Mariana Perez Barco


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Katie Royal



Adam Blom

Director of Operations

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Company Information and Contact

Location | Reading, Massachusetts

Tel | +1 781.670.7230

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