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User and Admin

Once you have your system up and running, your users need to learn how to use it effectively. Karchem Consulting can provide you with detailed, flexible training materials and live training sessions to ensure everyone, from your end-users to your admins, can get the most from it. 

We don't just provide generic training. We'll work with you to customize the curriculum and materials to be specific to the workflows and utilization of the software in place in your labs.

Our user and admin training services include, but are not limited to:

  • Curriculum development based on your practices and the relevant system capabilities

  • Training material development to support both in-person and online training courses (e.g. written instructions, screenshots, videos, slide decks, quizzes)

  • Provide live, onsite or remote, training sessions (both initial and supplemental)

  • Host follow-up Q&A sessions for users and admins

To find out more how we can help your users get up to speed quickly, click below to contact us.

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