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Your company is growing, but you can't yet justify hiring a full-time employee to support, or supplement the existing support of, your laboratory software systems. In most cases, small companies get stuck filling this gap by leveraging a scientist/subject matter expert from the lab to take on a support role, but this takes away valuable time from the job they were really hired to do. Or, you pay a small fortune to the vendor for ad hoc support which is often too generic to get things solved quickly and effectively.

This is where Karchem Consulting comes in to help you bridge that need. We spend the time to learn your systems, the use cases of your users, and provide first-line support when issues arise. And if it requires the vendor to investigate their systems, we'll serve as the liaison between your users, your IT/digital department, and the vendor to help get the problem resolved properly while limiting the distraction to your teams. 

Our Support services can be customized based on your needs and can evolve with your company. That way you get the support you need now, and in the future, and you won't be locked into a long term, expensive contract. 

Get in touch below to discuss your support needs, and find out how we can help you.

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